Fourth Generation

89. Seth Paddock was born on 13 March 1704/5 in Yarmouth, Massachusetts (Barnstable). He was 1/8 Wampanoag/Narragansett Indian from mother.

Seth Paddock and Mercy Nickerson were married on 13 April 1727. Mercy Nickerson, daughter of William Nickerson, was born (date unknown).

Seth Paddock-48604 and Mercy Nickerson-48605 had the following children:



Deliverance Paddock (private).



Zachariah Paddock (private).

Seth Paddock and Zerviah Storrs were married on 10 October 1735. Zerviah Storrs, daughter of Thomas Storrs, died on 3 January 1737/8.

Seth Paddock and Ruth Arnold were married on 17 February 1744/5. Ruth Arnold, daughter of Robert Arnold, was born (date unknown).