Eighth Generation

2551. August Lighthill Bearce was born in 1867 in Texas. He lived in Texas (Grimes) in 1870. He lived in Chicago, Illinois (Cook) in 1880. August was 1/128 Wampanoag/Narragansett Indian from father. Listed as female named Angeline on the 1870 census.

August Lighthill Bearce and Louise Coleman Perkins were married on 7 March 1894 in Manhattan, New York (New York). Louise Coleman Perkins, daughter of Thomas E. Perkins and Charlotte A. Smicley, was born (date unknown).

August Lighthill Bearce-47255 and Louise Coleman Perkins-103107 had the following children:



Herbert Bearce was born (date unknown).

August Lighthill Bearce and Gretta B. Potter were married on 23 June 1906 in Providence, Rhode Island (Providence). Gretta B. Potter, daughter of John B. Potter and Annette Coon, was born in 1880.

August Lighthill Bearce-47255 and Gretta B. Potter-47256 had the following children:



Herbert P. Bearce-47257.