Eighth Generation

2418. Rufus Loren Bearce was born on 26 June 1830. He died on 23 August 1892 at the age of 62 in Seattle, Washington (King). He was 1/128 Wampanoag/Narragansett Indian from father.

Rufus Loren Bearce and Achsah Ann Stebbins were married in 1857 in Maine. Achsah Ann Stebbins died in 1865 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin (Eau Claire).

Rufus Loren Bearce and Ada Hurd Andrews were married on 19 July 1867 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin (Eau Claire). Ada Hurd Andrews was born on 20 June 1839 in South Anson, Maine. She lived in Anson, Maine (Somerset) in March 1864. She died on 29 June 1923 at the age of 84 in Snohomish, Washington. " Ada was the widow of Rufus' brother John Calvin Burce who died during the Civil War."

Note by Sue Svoma