Ninth Generation

2842. Franklin Elemaththum "Frank" Bearce was born on 5 April 1878 in Allegan, Michigan (Allegan). Age 2 in 1880, 52 in 1930. He lived in Allegan, Michigan (Allegan) in 1880. In 1930 he was a steam fitter in Mount Vernon, New York (Westchester). Franklin lived in Mount Vernon, New York (Westchester) in 1930. He lived in Hartford, Connecticut (Hartford) after 1930. He lived at 45 Davenport Street in Stamford, Connecticut (Fairfield) in April 1942. In April 1942 Franklin was an unemployed worker in Stamford, Connecticut (Fairfield). He signed up for the draft on 21 April 1942 at in Stamford, Connecticut (Fairfield). He lived in Stamford, Connecticut (Fairfield) about 1950. Franklin died after 1960 at the age of 82. He died in March 1965 at the age of 86 in Stamford, Connecticut (Fairfield). He was 21/64 Wampanoag/Narragansett/Mohican/Shawnee Indian from father and mother. Franklin had Social Security Number 043-07-5906. 21/64 Wampanoag/Narragansett/Mohican/Shawnee Indian

Franklin is listed on his draft card as being Indian, 5' 10 1/2" tall, 180 lbs., with gray eyes, gray hair, and a ruddy complexion.

"This is nothing strange for the old generations. There was 16 years difference between the birth year of my youngest uncle Fred Bearce born 1868, and the birth year of my father the oldest of the children of Iron Face and Mary Ellen Tuttle."

Quoted from "From out of the Past, Who Our Forefathers Really Were, Our White and Indian Ancestors back to 1628" by Franklyn Ele-wa-tum "Swimming Eel" BeArce.

"I am a direct descendant of Massasoit through his daughter Amie and her husband Wastuspuquin, Benjamin Tuspuquion and his wife Weecome, daughter of Weetmo and Quinipin, Mary Tuspuquion and Isaac Sissell, and Mary Sissell who was the mother of all of Josiah Bearce 1st's children, and two of Massasoit's younger brothers who were born Sagamores; I know the name of both of these Indians but cannot remember which one was the father of Mary Mitchell old age wife of Experience Mitchell, who acquired much land by marring her, she was full blood and an ancestor of my grandmother Mary Ellen Tuttle; and which one was the father of Ruth Wheldon's mother Margaret (Quadequina); Joseph Bearce became a praying Indian."

Quoted from "From out of the Past, Who Our Forefathers Really Were, Our White and Indian Ancestors back to 1628" by Franklyn Ele-wa-tum "Swimming Eel" BeArce.

" I to am an Indian Pagan." - Swimming Eel

" When I was 6 years of age we resided that summer up over the Post office at Otsego Michigan. My father worked at Lagrange Indiana; and with my mother we were frequent visitors at my great-grandparents home in Otsego Village on the old Tuttle place. I also attended the annual reunion of my great-grandparents at Otsego with my grandfather's family. "

Quoted from "From out of the Past, Who Our Forefathers Really Were, Our White and Indian Ancestors back to 1628" by Franklyn Ele-wa-tum "Swimming Eel" BeArce.

From the Hartford Courant:
"He faded away in the early 1960s, finally rebuffed by real Schaghticokes who grew tired of his claim to be an Indian, his bravado surpassed by other Indian leaders."

Who was Franklyn Frederick Bearce (not the 4x great-grandson of Zerviah Newcomb...according to him)?

by John Doer

"Franklin Bearce was a steamfitter who lived in Mount Vernon, NY. He married a Swedish immigrant named Marie (as her second husband) and they had a single child that did not survive them. Born in 1878, in Allegan, Michigan, he was the son of a butcher, Noble Bearce, and his wife, Mary Ellen Blaine. In his 50's he became acquainted with several families living on the nearby Schaghticoke reservation in Kent, Connecticut, and began to insert himself into their affairs. In 1933 he applied to the Connecticut State Park and Forest Commission to be certified as a Schaghticoke Indian, but after an investigation, he was denied.

His interest in the Schaghticoke was undiminished, however, and in 1939, and again in 1940, Mr. BeArce organized "Pow-Wows" near the reservation, which were attended by several thousand tourists. The 1940 event was promoted by Mr. Bearce as "American Indian Day", and he advertised himself in handbills as"Chief Medicine Man" and "Chief Medicine Sagamore"."

"In 1939, Mr. BeArce called a meeting of the Schaghticoke community and convinced the attendees to allow him to initiate a land claim before the Indian Claims Commission on their behalf, claiming the Bronx, Manhattan, and a large part of Connecticut and New York. BeArce volunteered to do all the work entailed by the filing and he was thereupon unanimously elected "Chairman of the Schaghticoke Indian Claims Commission" by all 17 of those in attendance. The claim worked it's way through the federal Bureacracy and in 1954 was challenged on the grounds that BeArce had no standing as a non-Schaghticoke. He therefore called another meeting, and asked that he be accepted as a member of the tribe in order that he might continue the claim. In another unanimous vote, he was rejected. The suit does not appear to have been renewed."

"Franklyn Frederick Bearce's work, entitled 'From out of the past: the Bearce family, Franklyn Bearce; Who our forefathers really were, a true narrative of our White and Indian ancestors...' was printed in 1935."

Franklin Elemaththum "Frank" Bearce and Marie Lovisa Dohlon were married in 1910. Married at age 32 per 1930 census. Marie Lovisa Dohlon was born in 1877/8 in Vimmerby, Sweden. Age 52 in 1930. She immigrated in 1896 to the United States of America. She immigrated in 1902 to the United States of America. Marie lived in Mount Vernon, New York (Westchester) in 1930. She lived in Stamford, Connecticut (Fairfield) in 1950. "My wife Marie, was a good mother and sterling wife. My dear son Mark Carl lies sleeping at Allegan Michigan (see written manuscript for more information (illegible word) on family Notes and facts)." - Swimming Eel

Marie was married at age 26 per 1930 census - 1904 - to whom? Both of her parents were from Sweden, as was she.

Franklin Elemaththum "Frank" Bearce-46249 and Marie Lovisa Dohlon-46347 had the following children:



Mark Carl Bearce was born in 1914 in Michigan. Age 6 in 1920. He lived with his aunt and uncle Frederic and Ethylin (Bearce) Patterson in Sturgis City, Michigan (St. Joseph) in 1920. He was 21/64 Wampanoag/Narragansett/Mohican/Shawnee Indian from father and mother. 21/128 Wampanoag/Narragansett/Mohican/Shawnee Indian