Seventh Generation

1826. Moses Henry Merrill Bearce was born on 30 April 1838 in Hebron, Maine (Oxford). Age 22 in 1860. He lived in Hebron, Maine (Oxford) on 21 August 1850. On 2 July 1860 he was a college student in Hebron, Maine (Oxford). Moses lived in Hebron, Maine (Oxford) on 2 July 1860. He was 1/32 Wampanoag/Narragansett Indian from father and mother. Listed as Henry M. on 1860 census.

Moses Henry Merrill Bearce and Frances Freeland Kimball were married on 14 September 1869 in Norway, Maine (Oxford). Frances Freeland Kimball, daughter of William K. Kimball, was born (date unknown).