Fourth Generation

249. 2nd Lt. Asa Bearce Sr. was born on 13 May 1740 in Halifax, Massachusetts (Plymouth). He served in the military on 6 June 1776 in the Revolutionary War (1775 - 1783). He died on 15 July 1829 at the age of 89 in Hebron, Maine (Oxford). The Annals of Oxford have his death as 21 Aug 1827. He died of cancer. Asa was 1/8 Wampanoag/Narragansett Indian from father. "Asa Bearce, son of John and Sarah (Holmes) Bearce, was born in Halifax, Massachusetts, May 13, 1740, and died in Hebron, Maine, July 15, 1829. He was a lieutenant in the revolution, commissioned June 6, 1776. He was an early buyer of land in Shepardsfield (now Hebron) Maine, securing five or six lots prior to 1786."

"He married, November 27, 1760, Mary Randall (5), of Pembroke, Massachusetts, born July 13, 1740, in Pembroke, died April 15, 1825, in Hebron, Maine, daughter of Job (4), and Mary (Jennings) Randall. Job (4)Randall, third son of Job Randall Jr. (3) born in Pembroke, Massachusetts, "died on the first day of December, 1759, at Boston, on his return home from the reduction of Quebec;" married March 4, 1736, Mary, daughter of Isaac Jennings of Pembroke."

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution (17 vols.)
Vol. 1 Page 866: Bearce, Asa Halifax 2d Lieutenant, Captain Ebenezer Thompson's (8th
Co.), Colonel Gamaliel Bradford's (1st Plymouth Co.) regiment; list of officers of Massachusetts Militia; commisioned June 6, 1776.

ASA BEARCE of Halifax, Mass. was a Lieut. in Capt. Thompson's co., commissioned June 6, 1776. He was an early buyer of land in Shepardsfield, securing five or six lots prior to 1786. He was chairman of the committee chosen by the inhabitants to forward their petition

for incorporation, and was the first Treasurer of the town. His wife, Mary, after living with him 65 years, died April 13, 1825, ’ 84 years and 9 months.

2nd Lt. Asa Bearce Sr. and Mary Randall were married on 27 November 1760 in Pembroke, Massachusetts (Plymouth). Mary Randall, daughter of Job Randall and Mary Jennings, was born on 13 July 1740 in Pembroke, Massachusetts (Plymouth). She died on 15 April 1825 at the age of 84 in Hebron, Maine (Oxford). The Annals of Oxford place her death 2 days earlier. Her descendants were 8 children, 65 grandchildren and 63 great-grandchildren.

2nd Lt. Asa Bearce Sr.-32914 and Mary Randall-32925 had the following children:



Ursula Bearce-32940.



Asa Bearce Jr.-32942.



Job Bearce-32943.



Charles Bearce-32945.



Seth Bearce-32948.



Capt. Isaac Bearce-32950.



Polly Bearce-32951.



Lucy Bearce-32952.